In the past 20 years I've lived in the Everett/Marysville area of Puget Sound, Washington.  In that time I've participated in most of the activities my kids have enjoyed, such as coaching, umpiring, hiking, and even building and staying in an igloo a couple weekends!  Today I'm still active as a foster parent and giving kids free airplane rides.

1990 - 2001 - Coached Little League, Umpire for Little League, Senior League, Pony

1988-1999 - Assistant Boy Scout leader

1997 - President of Evergreen Fly Fishing Club, Everett, WA

2004 - President of Evergreen Fly Fishing Club, Everett, WA

2000 - present  - Fly kids in my airplane for Young Eagles program

1992 - present  -  Foster Parent for special needs kids (this is a full time job for my wife!)

2006 - Fund Raising Chairman for Marker Buoy Dive Club (SCUBA diving)

I've been SCUBA diving since 1964 and flying since 1982.  Today I enjoy taking video of my activities, especially my diving.